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Heavy Duty adhesive comes in a handy 500ml aerosol, which is an exceptionally powerful, long-lasting, multi purpose adhesive, with a choice of either our new Easy-flow valve assembly or the Lindal 3 way Variable valve. It has been specially designed and conveniently packaged for a wide range of applications.

Heavy Duty has been designed for most general purpose applications. It bonds foams, felts, fabrics and most other light and medium weight materials to themselves, each other or other substrates such as wood, MDF, concrete, metal, rubber and most rigid plastics; making it ideal for fixing carpets and carpet underlays, spot fixing carpet tiles and bonding upholstery materials. It is also most useful for dust sealing concrete floors prior to fitting carpet grippers.

Heavy Duty is a contact adhesive which forms its bond by sticking to itself, so for good, long term results, it is always best to coat both surfaces if possible from approximately 10 inches (25cm). Spray one surface horizontally and the other vertically, allow 1 – 2 minutes for the solvents to dry; when there is no adhesive transference to the finger, position together working from the centre outwards. After use, invert can and spray to clear nozzle. Excess adhesive can be easily removed using our Solvent Cleaner.

This adhesive is not suitable for heavily plasticised PVC.

An evaluation of the adhesive should be carried out in application conditions before commercial use is undertaken, this should also include reference to ageing.