Agglomerated Cork Balls

Cork Balls are perfect for general craft use and are often used as fishing floats, keyrings or are even used in the manufacturing of baseballs and cricket balls.

We offer two different types of cork balls to ensure that you have the optimum choice of agglomerated and natural.

Agglomerated cork balls are manufactured from small granules of cork which are bound together under high pressure to form uniform dense balls.
Name Specification Method
Cork origin Portugal -
Usage temperatures from -180ºC to +140ºC -
Compression 20-40% ISO/DIS 7322
Recovery 65% Min ISO/DIS 7322
Thermal conductivity 0,042 W/m ºC EN12667
Fire resistance Class B2 DIN 4102
Sensorial analysis Absense of anomalous odors ISO 22308