Champagne Cork Stoppers (0+2) - 47 x 29mm

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Specially created for the bottling of Champagne and Sparkling wines, these type of corks are capable of withstand the high pressure inside the bottles assuring that Champagne and Sparkling wines will keep their bubbly freshness for longer.

This type of stopper consists in a body of agglomerated cork and two discs of natural cork in one edge.

The agglomerated cork body is designed for optimum elasticity and long-term sealing capacity, assuring that the pressure inside the bottle is always constant and maintained. At the same time, the natural cork discs (rotated against each other to completely close the cells of the natural cork material) make sure the drink inside the bottle only have contact with natural cork of high quality.

Originated by a renewable raw material source with the capacity of being recycled, makes this an environment friendly product, ecological and sustainable.

Optional Treatments Available:

Washing: Hydrogen Peroxide
Coating: with or without color coating
Surface treatment: paraffin, silicone
Branding: ink, fire
Name Specification Method
Cork origin Portugal -
Height tolerance ±0.5mm NP 2803-1 / ISO 9727-1
Diameter tolerance ±0.3mm NP 2803-1 / ISO 9727-1
Ovality <0.5mm NP 2803-1
Moisture content 4%-8% NP 2803-2 / ISO 9727-3
Uncorking strength 20-40 DaN NP 2803-4 / ISO 9727-5
Capillarity ≤ 2mm ME 6
Diameter recovery after compression Superior to 90% after 5 minutes ISO 9727-4
Liquid sealing capacity 1.2 Bar (120 kPa) of internal pressure ISO 9727-6
Peroixide content <0.1mg/cork NP 4296 / ISO 21128
Surface treatment ±4mg/cork ME 10
Dust content <1.5mg/cork ISO 9727-7
Humidity 5%-8% ISO 9727-3
TCA ≤1 ng/l ISO 20752 / DIS 20752
Sensorial analysis Absence of anomalous odours ISO 22308