Micro Agglomerated CNC Cork Block

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Our micro agglomerated CNC cork blocks are based on our standard grade cork.

Manufactured from 0.5mm to 1mm granules, our micro agglomerated cork sheets provide a high elasticity and uniformity not found in larger granule agglomerates.

Due to their uniformity, micro agglomerates are pefect for clients looking for visual consistency or for thinner stocks.

Micro agglomerated cork is suitable for all types of machining including CNC routing/engraving, laser engraving, laminating and screen printing.
Name Specification Method
Binder Polyurethane -
Colour Natural -
Cork Granule Size 0.5-1.0mm -
Specific Weight 210 - 280 Kg ISO 7322
Tensile Strength ≥500 kPa ISO 7322
Compression 25 - 40 % ISO 7322
Recovery ≥75% ISO 7322
Boiling Water No disaggregation ISO 7322