Muratto Bevelled Cork Bricks - Brown

From the tree to the interior design, cork bricks are inspired by the traditional brick, with a natural cork look - with a softer texture, a warmer feel, and a more sophisticated yet inviting style. Offering a remarkable combination of time-honored, european artisanship, and high-tech contemporary appeal, cork bricks complement both rustic and modern decor.

With a rustic and modern look at the same time, the bevel bricks have a rough but distinct aspect because of their similarity to the natural cork bricks. They stand out because of their bevelled edges, which gives them a bigger volume effect. The self-adhesive system makes the installation very simple.
Name Specification Method
Material Natural cork pieces, naturally pre-cleaned and treated, with an immersion finish of color pigments and other protection additives, and a self-adhesive system on its backing. -
Size 230 x 70 x 7 mm -
Installation Self Adhesive -
Weight (box) 2Kg -
Packed 62 tiles, 0.99m² -
Acoustic (NRC) 0.15 EN ISO 11654
Thermal Conductivity (W/M.C) 0.0541 EN 12667-2001
Thermal Resistance (M2C/W) 0.46 EN 12667-2001