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Cork fabric is a unique, eco-friendly vegan alternative to leather and other commonly used fabrics, which can be used in a wide range of products such as handbags, wallets, chairs, sofas, clothes and many other accessories.

Our complete range of Designcork fabrics are upholstery grade making it a perfect for statement furniture at home or in commercial environments.

Our modern cutting edge production process enables us to merge the unique beauty and warmth of cork into a fully flexible and durable material.

Every batch of cork fabric undergoes a unique testing process to ensure that every roll of fabric meets our specification for mechanical durability as well as passing strict criteria for cleanliness ensuring sterlisation and microbiological standards have been exceeded.

All of our DesignCork fabrics are fire rated according to the norm BS5852:2006 which meet the Crib 5 & contract regulations.
Name Specification Method
Width 1400mm -
Length 50m -
Usage temperatures from -180ºC to +140ºC -
Backing 15.5% PES + 29.5% COT + 55% PU (abrasion, scotch and UV treatment) -
Tensile strength 7.6/5.0 Mpa ISO 17706:2003
Elongation at break 23 / 17% ISO 17706:2003
Tear strength 22/ 17 N ISO 17696:2004
Stitched seams strength 2.0 N/mm ISO 17697-B:2003
Flexing resistance (>100.000 cycles) No damage ISO 7854:1995
Coating adhesion 10/13 N/50mm ISO 2411:200
Abrasion resistance (Martindale) 51 200 cycles - no damage ISO 5470-2
Resistance Surface wetting ISO 4/ ISO 3 ISO 4920:1981
Vamp flexion (>500.000 cycles) No damage ISO 22288:2006
Ignitability test (cigarette) Pass BS5852:2006
Colour fastness to rubbing No staining/swelling ISO 17700:2004
Water permeability 0.0% ISO 17702:2003
Colour fastness to artificial light 3 (Blue scale) ISO 105-B02:1999
pH (aquaeous extract) 7.65 ISO 3071:2005
Formaldehyde content <20 (LD) ppm ISO 14184-2:2011