Muratto Metalegance - Pure Old Bronze

Metalegance is a totally unique wall tile manufactured from natural metallic granules and cork.

Defined by its metallic finish, every tile is produced from a series of layers, creating a 3D effect despite each tile being just 4mm thick!

Refined for 2018, Metalegance is now fire resistant and suitable for use in both residential and commercial properties, offering a high dimensional stability for a professional finish.

Beyond the metallic finish, Metalegance also improves the acoustic and thermal properties of a wall, due to the natural properties of cork used in its construction.
Name Specification Method
Material Wall panels made with fiber backing, acoustic cork barrier, mineral compound and a mixture of fibers, metallic granules and colour pigments. -
Size 900 x 600 x 4 mm -
Installation Unibond One For All Universal Adhesive -
Weight (box) 7.2Kg -
Packed 4 tiles, 2.16 m2 -