Wicanders Hydrocork- Graphite Marble

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0.55mm Vinyl
4 Side Micro Bevel
615 x 295 x 6mm
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1.633 m²
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Hydrocork is a low thickness floating solution 100% waterproof which means that it can be used in all areas including bathrooms and kitchens. An easy and fast to install floor due to its PressFit revolutionary compression system that functions like a cork stopper.

The elasticity and resilience of Hydrocorks cork layer creates a floor that is extra resistant, adaptable to pressure, and to resist and recover from violent impacts. The surface incorporates a protective wear layer making easy to clean and highly durable.

Corktech Benefits

Act as a noise buffer between the floor and the rooms underneath and reducing the walking sound up to 53 %

Natural Thermal Insulation
Optimal floor temperature throughout the year which contributes to an overall comfort.

Walking Comfort
A unique comfort in movement, even when walking barefoot due to corks natural flexibility.

Impact Resistance
High shock absorber makes it a long life span flooring due to corks elasticity and compressibility.
Name Specification Method
Level of use Domestic Class 23 ISO 10874
Level of use Commercial Class 33 ISO 10874
Dimensions - Rectangular panels - Width ± 0.10% up to max. 0.5mm ISO 24342
Dimensions - Rectangular panels - Length ± 0.10% up to max. 2.0mm ISO 24342
Overall thickness Nominal ± 0.25mm ISO 24346
Squareness ≤ 0.50mm ISO 24342
Straightness measured at the surface layer ≤ 0.30mm ISO 24342
Mass per unit area Nominal +13% / -10% g/m2 ISO 23997
Dimensional stability (humidity) ≤ 5mm EN 669 (Annex C)
Dimensional stability and curling after exposure to heat ≤ 0.25% ISO 23999
Openings between panels ≤ 0.2mm EN 14085 (Annex B)
Height difference between panels ≤ 0.2mm EN 14085 (Annex B)
Flatness of the panel (Length - Concave / Convex) ≤ 0.50% / ≤ 1.0% EN 14085 (Annex A)
Flatness of the panel (Width - Concave / Convex) ≤ 0.10% / ≤ 0.15% EN 14085 (Annex A)
Residual indentation ≤ 0.10mm EN ISO 24343-1
Colour fastness ≥ 6 Blue wool scale ISO 105-BO2 Method
Wear layer thickness (wear layer binder content Type 1) 0.55mm ISO 24340
Thickness swelling ≤ 15% ISO 24336
Castor chair Visual effect after 25 000 cycles - No disturbance to the surface other than slight change in appearance and no delamination shall occur EN 425
Simulated movement of a furniture leg Visual effect - No damage shall be visible after testing with a type 0 foot foot EN 424
Fire resistance Class Bfl-s1 EN 13501-1
Slip classification Class DS EN 13893
Formaldehyde emission Class E1 EN 717-1
Content pentachlorophenol (PCP) Undetectable EN 14041 (Annex B)
Stains resistance Grade 0 (b) ISO 26987 (a)
Thermal resistance R≤ 0.05 m²K/W EN 12667
Impact sound reduction 16 dB (? Lw) ISO 140-8
Reflected walking noise - Improved measure 11.1 dB IHD - W - 431
Reflected walking noise - Difference of loudness [Sone] relative difference 51.1% IHD - W - 431
Swelling of the joints (moisture exposure) No visible effect IHD 423
Airborne sound transmission loss STC (dB) 62 dB ASTM E90 /ASTM E413
Impact sound transmission IIC (dB) 61 dB ASTM E492 /ASTM E989
Impact sound transmission ?IIC 16dB ASTM E2179
Smoke density Flaming & Non Flaming ≤ 450 KW/m2 ASTM662
Radiant panel (critical radiant flux) ≥ 0.45 W/cm2 Exceeds, Class I ASTM E648
Thermal resistance 0.0432 R-value (m2K)/W ASTM C177
Residual indentation 0.4% ASTM F1914
Static load limit ≤ 0,127 mm (load of 113.4 Kg) ASTM F970
Ignition characteristics of finished Textile floor covering systems Meets the criteria ASTM D2859