Wicanders Wood Go - Platinum Oak

0.3mm Vinyl
No Bevel
1220 x 185 x 10.5mm
Pack Size
1.806 m²
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Wood Go are floating proposals that combines the cork layer characteristic of Wicanders products with a luxury vinyl tile (LVT) layer that provides high realistic wood and stones looks, all this within a budget friendly solution.

Its 0.3mm vinyl is the ideal top layer for either high traffic domestic areas (class 23) or medium commercial usage (class 32) in a product with Wicanders warranty of 15 years (residential usage) or 10 years (commercial usage).

Corktech Benefits

Act as a noise buffer between the floor and the rooms underneath and reducing the walking sound up to 53 %

Natural Thermal Insulation
Optimal floor temperature throughout the year which contributes to an overall comfort.

Walking Comfort
A unique comfort in movement, even when walking barefoot due to corks natural flexibility.

Impact Resistance
High shock absorber makes it a long life span flooring due to corks elasticity and compressibility.
Name Specification Method
Level of use Domestic Class 23 ISO 10874
Level of use Commercial Class 31 ISO 10874
Dimensions ± 0.10 up to max. 0.5 mm max. 2.0 mm EN ISO 24342
Overall thickness ± 0.25mm ISO 24346
Straightness measured at the surface layer ≤ 0.30mm EN ISO 24346
Squareness ≤ 0.50mm ISO 24342
Apparent desnity ≥ 930 Kg/m³ ± 10% EN 672
Mass per unit area Nominal +13% / -10% ISO 23997
Dimensional stability (humidity) ≤ 5mm ISO 23997
Dimensional stability (heat) - EN 14085 Annex C/ EN 669
Openings between panels ≤ 0.2mm EN 14085 (Annex B )
Height difference between panels ≤ 0.2mm EN 14085 (Annex B )
Flatness of the panel (Length - Concave / Convex) ≤ 0.50% / ≤ 1.0% EN 14085 (Annex A)
Flatness of the panel (Width - Concave / Convex) ≤ 0.10% / ≤ 0.15% EN ISO 24346EN 14085 (Annex A)
Residual indentation ≤ 0.15mm EN ISO 24343-1
Colour fastness ≥ 6 Blue wool scale ISO 105-BO2
Wearing group - EN 660-1
Overal thickness (Vinyl + Cork layer) - ISO 24346
Thickness of wear layer (Wear Group T) 0.2mm cycles 0.2mm cycles ISO 24340
Castor chair Visual effect after 25 000 cycles - No disturbance to the surface other than slight change in appearance and no delamination shall occur EN 425
Simulated movement of a furniture leg Visual effect - No damage shall be visible after testing with a type 2 foot EN 424
Fire resistance Class Bfl-s1 EN 13501-1
Slip classification Class DS EN 13893
Formaldehyde emission Class E1 EN 717-1
Electrical behaviour Antistatic EN 1815
Content pentachlorophenol (PCP) Undetectable EN 14041 (Annex B)
Stains resistance Grade 0 (b) Iodine Grade 2 (b) ISO 26987(b)
Thermal resistance R≤ 0.150 m²K/W EN 12667
Impact sound reduction 16dB ISO 140-8
Walking noise Reduction improvement 11,4 dB (A) Difference of loudness 45,4% IHD - W431