Muratto Organic Blocks - Undertone

In the organic blocks collection, each product has a different volume and shape, which gives a distinct aesthetic result to each and every wall design. These volumes are achieved through the use of the latest technology in the cork industry: the moulding technology.

The raw material is a combination of special pigments and resins, along with the granulated cork, which results in a natural, spontaneous and desirable product. In addition to these features, the option of mass pigmentation instead of paint solution, allows the cork structure to remain visible and pieces to be cut without colour loss.

This collection symbolizes the magical combination of design, technology and cork.

UNDERTONE: Besides having a high aesthetic impact, the UNDERTONE was specifically developed as an acoustic panel. Its design was technically prepared to dissipate sound waves, through the rounded shapes and numerous holes. Although UNDERTONE'S main aim is to insulate sound, its design is contemporary and appealing, and displays beautiful light and shadow effects.