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Muratto Cork Bricks - Grand - Black

From the tree to the interior design, cork bricks are inspired by the traditional brick, with a natural cork look - with a softer texture, a warmer feel, and a more sophisticated yet inviting style. Offering a remarkable combination of time-honored, european artisanship, and high-tech contemporary appeal, cork bricks complement both rustic and modern decor.

CORK BRICKS GRAND is an allusion to the traditional brick, while renewing the vision of cork in its natural form, yet continuing the sense of comfort and warmth. The CORK BRICKS GRAND provide an immensity of pattern possibilities, through the endless array of shape and colour combinations. The style of European artisanship and the handmade contemporary appeal provide an irreverent appearance to the CORK BRICKS GRAND, while the inherent aspects of cork still remain true.