Amorim WISE - Cork Pure - Originals Natural

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Wise Cork Pure
Amorim Cork Flooring
4 Side Bevel - 1mm
600 x 300 x 4mm
Product Type
Glue Down Tile
Pack Size
1.98 m²
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3.96 m²
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Cork in its full expression! One of the most sustainable flooring solutions, that comes from a renewable resource where no trees are cut down.

The handmade cork veneers are truly unique, assuring no repetitions and that each plank has a distinctive character. The glue down installation system allows for additional creativity on the design patterns, enabling the conception of special spaces.

The natural cork structure provides superior comfort and environmental performance for residential and commercial areas.
Name Specification Method
Level of use Domestic Class 23 ISO 10874
Level of use Commercial - ISO 10874
Finish Description Water based PU varnish -
Dimensions - Width ± 0.20% up to max. 1.0mm EN ISO 24346
Dimensions - Length ± 0.20% up to max. 1.0mm EN ISO 24346
Overall thickness ± 0.25mm EN ISO 24342
Squareness - EN ISO 24342
Straightness measured at the surface layer - EN ISO 24346
Squareness and Straightness ? 400mm ≤ 0.50mm EN ISO 24346
Squareness and Straightness > 400mm ≤ 0.10mm EN ISO 24346
Dimensional stability after exposure to heat ≤ 0.4% EN ISO 23999
Curling after exposure to heat ≤ 0.6mm EN ISO 23999
Moisture content 3.5-4.5% EN 12105
Mass per unit area 1800 g/m² ± 10% ISO 23997
Apparent density ≥ 95% of nominal value (450) EN 672
Overall thickness ≥ 4.0mm EN ISO 24346
Apparent desnity ≥ 45 Kg/m³ EN 672
Castor chair Visual effect after 25 000 cycles - No disturbance to the surface other than slight change in appearance and no delamination shall occur EN 425
Simulated movement of a furniture leg Visual effect - No damage shall be visible after testing with a type 2 foot EN 424
Residual indentation ≤ 0.4mm EN ISO 24343-1
Fire resistance C fl-s1 EN 13501-1
Slip classification Class DS EN 13893
Formaldehyde emission Class E1 EN 717-1
Electrical behaviour Not Antistatic EN 1815
Content pentachlorophenol (PCP) PCP Free EN 14041 (Annex B)
Stains resistance Grade 0 (ammonia grade 3; Iodine grade 2) ISO 26987(b)
Thermal resistance R≤ 0.150 m²K/W EN 12667
Impact sound reduction 13dB ISO 140-8
Reduction improvement 15,3dB(A) EPH/IHD Works Standard 431
Difference of loudness 65% EPH/IHD Works Standard 431