Cork Sheet - Black Expanded

Expanded/Black cork is manufactured from the cork bark of the upper branches of the cork oak tree. This bark is normally left, due it being too thin or too inconsistent to use in traditional cork products.

Expanded cork sheets are bound together using the natural resins which are released when the cork is exposed to high pressure and steam. This process also causes the cork to change colour, and for the granules to expand, therefore increasing the ratio of air within their cells to approx. 50%.

The increased air content within the expanded cells, makes expanded cork an ideal insulation material, which is also water and fire proof.

Warning: Expanded/black cork has a distinctive burnt odour when it is first manufactured, this will fade over time or can be minimised by applying Liberon Finishing Oil to the surface.

Expanded/Black Cork sheets can be used for pin boards, craft work, model railways and as an insulation material.