Muratto Organic Blocks - Strips - Geometric

Cork Strips Geometric is formed by a set of geometric shapes that, all together, create magnificent visual effects. With just one piece it is possible to visualize hexagons, rhombuses, parallelograms and even triangles.

Creating a wall with several pieces, the pattern becomes continuous and provides a 3D visual effect. Cork Strips Geometric allows you to create refined interiors that are, at the same time, very modern.

630 x 396 x 7 mm

Name Specification Method
Material Massive cork piece agglomerated with special resins and additives, molded in shape with mass color pigmentation. -
Size 630 x 396 x 7mm -
Installation Uzin KE2000S -
Weight (box) 5.7kg -
Packed 10 tiles, 2.3m² -
Fire Resistant B-S1,d0 (EN13823) -
Acoustic (NRC) 0,3 (EN ISO 11654) -
Thermal Conductibility (W/M.C) 0,0468 (EN 12667-2001) -
Thermal Resistance (M2C/W) 0,47 (EN 12667-2001) -
VOC Class A (French Norm EN ISO/IEC 17025) -