Muratto Organic Blocks - Strips - Step

Cork Strips Step is a passionate piece, full of three-dimensionality and volume. This takes us back to the ’Cubism’ art movement, which treated the forms of nature through geometric figures.

This piece will be the highlight of any room, with its strong character and appearance, further enhanced by the combination of colors and position in which it will be placed.

703 x 483 x 12 mm

Name Specification Method
Material Massive cork piece agglomerated with special resins and additives, molded in shape with mass color pigmentation. -
Size 703 x 483 x 12mm -
Installation Uzin KE2000S -
Weight (box) 7.9kg -
Packed 10 tiles, 3.01m² -
Fire Resistant B-S1,d0 (EN13823) -
Acoustic (NRC) 0,3 (EN ISO 11654) -
Thermal Conductibility (W/M.C) 0,0468 (EN 12667-2001) -
Thermal Resistance (M2C/W) 0,47 (EN 12667-2001) -
VOC Class A (French Norm EN ISO/IEC 17025) -