Muratto Primecork Original - Ivory

Primecork original takes the traditional cork wall tile and completely redesigns it for the 21st century.

The sleek large format tiles and modern colour options, make Primecork perfect for classic and contemporary interiors alike.

Primecork retains the natural warmth and velvety texture of cork, whilst ensuring seamless joints and colour consistency create a professional finish.

Beyond the visual, and unique eco credentials, Primecork also improves the thermal properties of a wall due to the natural properties of cork used in its construction.
Name Specification Method
Material Panels with a cork backing, MDF, cork sheet core and pigmented cork veneer -
Size 600 x 450 x 4mm -
Installation Unibond Universal One for All Adhesive -
Weight (Box) 9Kg -
Packed 12 Tiles, 3.24m² -