Muratto Metalegance - Concrete Flex

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Muratto CONCRETE FLEX is an environmentally friendly and sustainable collection that redefines the concrete concept, for both exterior and interior applications. This collection has an exquisite industrial look, while being extremely sophisticated at the same time. This is achieved through a composite of flexible concrete, and innovative technical properties.

The panels of this collection are flexible and lightweight, with a high dimensional stability. The collection is resistant to fire, microorganisms, moisture, ice and defrosting, high impact and insects. These differentiating characteristics allow this product range to be truly unique in the market.
Name Specification Method
Material Panels made of flexible technical concrete -
Size 1000 x 490 x (2.5 - 3 mm thickness) -
Installation Contact /cement glue -
Weight 11kg -
Packed 10 tiles, area 4.9 sqm -