Wicanders Cork Essence - Personality Champagne

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905 x 295 x 10.5mm
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2.136 m²
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23.50 m²
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Wicanders Cork Essence is an easy to lay click cork flooring system designed for domestic use in dry areas such as living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and hallways as well as light commercial applications.

The easy 2G jointing system enables the flooring to be installed either as a floating floor or for larger open plan areas or rooms with large expanses of glazing, the flooring can be glued to a suitable subfloor.

The highly stable 3 layer construction with integrated cork underlay enables installation over both water based or electric underfloor heated subfloors and provides both a thermal and acoustic benefit. The double cork construction results not only in a quieter environment by absorbing impact sound but also provides energy savings by reducing heat loss back into the subfloor.

The stunning designs are handcrafted using the finest Portuguese cork using a variety of agglomerated, block and strip cork veneers, creating floors suitable for both contemporary and classic interiors alike.

All designs are provided pre-finished with the unique Xtramatt+ surface which is a high resistance Acrylic UV finish which not only enhances the natural beauty of the cork but provides an environmentally friendly coating which ensures exceptional strength and longevity.

If you require any further information on the unique benefits of choosing an Essence cork floor, please get in touch.
Name Specification Method
Level of use Domestic Class 23 -
Level of use Commercial Class 31 -
Finish Description UV-cured Acrylic varnish with ceramic beads -
Dimensions - Width ± 0.10% up to max. 0.5mm -
Dimensions - Length ± 0.10% up to max. 2.0mm -
Overall thickness ± 0.25mm -
Squareness ≤ 0.50mm -
Straightness measured at the surface layer ≤ 0.30mm -
Flatness of the panel (Length - Concave / Convex) ≤ 0.50% / ≤ 1.0% -
Flatness of the panel (Width - Concave / Convex) ≤ 0.10% / ≤ 0.15% -
Openings between panels ≤ 0.20mm -
Height difference between panels ≤ 0.20mm -
Dimensional stability (humidity) ≤ 5% -
Mass per unit area Nominal Value (8000 g/m²) -10%; +13% -
Nominal thickness for cork surface ≥ 3.0mm -
Castor chair Visual effect after 25 000 cycles - No disturbance to the surface other than slight change in appearance and no delamination shall occur -
Simulated movement of a furniture leg Visual effect - No damage shall be visible after testing with a type 2 foot -
Residual indentation ≤ 0.40mm -
Fire resistance Class E fl-s1 -
Slip classification Class DS -
Formaldehyde emission Class E1 -
Electrical behaviour Not Antistatic -
Content pentachlorophenol (PCP) PCP Free -
Stains resistance Grade (b) Grade 5 (NaOH Grade 4) -
Thermal resistance R≤ 0.150 m²K/W -
Impact sound reduction 16 dB (? Lw) -
Reduction improvement 13.2 dB(A) -
Difference of loudness 51.6% -
IIC Impact insulation class 58 IIC (dB) -
STC Classification for rating sound insulation 54 STC (dB) -
Ignition characteristics of finished textile floor covering systems met the criteria -
Optical density of smoke 23.7 DS(4.0min) 32.3 DS(4.0min) -
Critical radiant flux 0.38 W / cm² -
Residual indentation 0.2% -
Thermal conductivity 0.108 W/(m.K) -
Thermal resistance 0.0999 (m²K)/W -